Flavours of Toronto: From moussaka to spanakopita, the best Greek restaurants in Toronto

Greeks know how to eat. Small portions, dainty condiments and gluten free, low fat and paleo are not in their repertoire. Greek food is all about huge flavour, huge portions and huge satisfaction. Street food like gyros and souvlaki are loved around the world, but those who truly know their Greek food adore authentic dishes like marinated octopus, saganaki and kokoretsi.

Try the basics or try it all at these 7 Greek restaurants in Toronto:


Decor-wise, Mamakas on Ossington near West Queen West wins for giving diners the sense they’re at a waterfront restaurant in Chania, Crete. The white-washed walls with bright blue accents and even the chalkboard behind the bar add to the ambiance. The food, though, is to die for. Try the pastitsio with braised rabbit, the goat tartare, the grilled octopus and the lamb chops.


On the Danforth, Mezes is super busy and has a great patio. They do tapas-a-la-Greek which is cool and makes it a fun, social spot to hang out.


Volos does Greek the swanky way (it’s in the Financial District), so if your pockets are well-lined, you’ll be in love. The arugula and shaved fennel salad is extraordinary, and their dinner menu with grilled calamari, fisherman’s stew and possibly the best moussaka in Toronto makes it hard to order just one dish.

It’s All GRK

Among Greek fast-food restaurants in Toronto, It’s All GRK is a favourite. The gyros and souvlaki plates are awesome, especially late at night. They now have two locations, one at 366 Bloor and another at 756 Queen St. W.

Greek Grill

The laid-back Greek Grill in Pape Village has a big menu of dishes that are pretty typical to North American Greek restaurants. Souvlaki, moussaka, octopus, lamb chops and steaks are just some of the best-loved items on the menu.

Pan on the Danforth

The prix fixe menu at Pan is really popular and constantly evolving, but the regular menu is large and varied too. Pan serves a good assortment of meze, including a platter that’s great for groups.


Penelope on King Street in the Entertainment District is popular at both lunch and dinner. It’s known for great service and good food, especially the spanakopita, dolmades and grilled octopus.

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