Flavours of Toronto: Cheap and delicious Chinese food in Toronto

While clumping all styles of Chinese cuisine into one category isn’t necessarily fair, some of Toronto’s Chinese restaurants do their cuisine impeccably well. Mixing soft textures, a myriad of flavours and very affordable prices, Toronto’s Chinese food scene is alive and thriving.

These seven Chinese food restaurants in Toronto have perfected the art of dim sum, spicy noodles, fresh fish and steaming share plates:

Mother’s Dumplings

Handmade dumplings? What could be better? This Chinatown hotspot fills them with a huge array of ingredients and is vegetarian friendly, and the prices are decent. The menu has more than just dumplings.


The service isn’t anything special (which is pretty typical of TO Chinese restaurants), but the food at Swatow in Chinatown makes up for it. Their General Tao chicken, spicy beef noodles and dumplings are unreal.

Yueh Tung Restaurant

Yueh Tung downtown on Dundas isn’t known for great service, but the heaping portions and delicious dishes are what make it so busy at lunch. The food is hakka-style. Go for the chili chicken.

Chinese Traditional Bun

Unpretentious doesn’t even begin to cover the sight of Chinese Traditional Bun in Chinatown, but hey, the place does great northern Chinese food. The soup dumplings are to die for, as are the noodles. The prices are rock bottom, too.

Lee Garden

The thing about Lee Garden is that many of the people who keep the place packed have been eating here for years. They specialize in seafood, but many of the non-seafood dishes are great, too. Lee Garden’s prices are on the high side for Chinatown, likely because of their reputation.


As far as North American-style Chinese takeout goes, Seaspray does it well. Located on Kingston Road in the Beaches, the low prices make it ideal for nights when you don’t want to cook.

Kom Jug Yuen

Known for its BBQ pork, Kom Jug Yuen is on the simple, if not grungy side of things. Its lack of ambiance, though, is made up with the great food and unbelievably cheap prices. They’re located just north of Chinatown, are open late and accept cash only.

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