Awesome Ikea Hack of the Week: A tiny desk

Space is a luxury we can’t really afford in TO, so how can you outfit your tiny pad with a desk without taking up too much of your living room or bedroom?

The answer is a tiny, wall-mounted desk that can be installed anywhere you have just a few feet of free space and a wall. Today’s Ikea hack gives you a desk for your Toronto apartment on the cheap, is relatively easy to build, and is actually a hack of a hack, since Ikea’s product line has changed since the original instructions were written.

Let us know how it goes when you rig this up for yourself!

 1. The parts. You’ll need

  • Komplement pull-out tray – $30.00
  • Lack wall shelf – $29.99
  • Betydlig bracket x2 – $1.50 each
  • 2 2×4 pieces of wood, 23” long, try these cedar planks cut in half – $20
  • drill
  • screws
  • wall anchors
  • stud finder

2. Do it.

First, make sure all the tray, shelf and boards are the right colour. Stain or paint them all the same colour and let dry so everything’s ready to roll. Next, find the studs in your wall and use them as a basis point for this project. You’ll want to try to drill and anchor the Lack shelf into the studs so that the part that’s holding your computer is totally secure. So find the studs and mark out the right height for the Lack shelf, and for the Komplement tray.

For the tray, be very careful: You’re going to want to measure out exactly where the wood planks should go so the keyboard sits at the right height, and space them perfectly so that the railings on the tray can be attached to the planks and the tray.

Mount the Betydlig brackets on the wall. Then, install the railings that connect to the Komplement tray in the right place on the two planks, then install the planks on the wall brackets. Finish by installing the tray.

Lastly, mount the Lack shelf on the wall above the keyboard tray using the wall anchors, according to the Ikea instructions.

Place your computer, keyboard and a chair or stool, and voila!

Source: Ikea Hackers

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