Living on the ground floor vs. an upper floor: A very deep analysis

To tackle a debate as old as time itself, we at TorontoRentals (your base for finding a good ol’ rental) have been soul-searching in order to discover the answer to one of the most philosophically perplexing questions known to man:

To live on the ground floor, or to live on an upper floor.

That friends, is the question.

And now, for the very insightful and thoroughly researched analysis.

Ground floor living


  • Whether you live in a walk-up, a condo with and elevator or a house divided into apartments, ground-floor living means no stairs, no awkward waits in front of the elevator door and, most importantly, no need to make multiple trips up and down after the biggest trips to the grocery store.
  • In any kind of building, the ground floor gives one more likelihood of having a larger patio – one that might even include grass!
  • Another bonus is you don’t have to worry about someone living below you. This perk is even better if you have kids (or roommates, in some cases) that stomp or jump around
Cast of Seinfeld do a happy dance

Stomp away to your heart’s content.


  • Less safety. Ground floor units are more accessible and it’s easier for scoundrels to look in through the windows for goodies.
  • Unless you really LOVE looking at tress and you’re not a fan of natural light, living on the ground floor often means the views just aren’t to par.
  • In old buildings, anyone living below the top floor is subjected to squeaky floorboards, heavy footsteps and kids/dogs running around up above.
Living room of house on the first floor with wooden theme and looking out into a garden through large windows

Look at those trees, though.

Upper floor living


  • Two words: light and views. From high up you might get a killer skyline view or maybe a glimpse of the lake? And in either case, being above the treetops and less boxed in by other highrises lets in more light.
  • The difference isn’t huge, but being high up means you’re a bit farther away from street noise, resulting in a slightly quieter life.
  • Leave your windows and doors open: there’s definitely no reason to worry about safety if you’re a few floors up. And on that note, the odd naked dash from the bedroom to the kitchen to get a glass of water still leaves you inconspicuous, thanks to the distance the height provides.
  • There’s a chance that living higher keeps your apartment cleaner, since less dust is likely to come in?

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Here’s a bonus:

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  • That elevator! Those stairs! They’re such a hassle, such a nuisance. Especially in those “extra safe” buildings where even a fob won’t let you take the stairs down, because each level is locked off… yeesh.
  • It’s hot in summer.
  • If your upper floor unit has a balcony, count yourself lucky. Chances are, though, that it’s small, unfortunately.
Modern, minimalist themed living room on the upper floor

Definitely less dust.

Are you a ground floor person or an upper-floor lover?

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