Awesome Ikea Hack of the Week: A nightstand that doubles as a dog or cat kennel

Today’s post combines two of our favourite things: Pets and Ikea hacks!

When you’re living in an apartment or a small space and you have a pet, finding places to put everything is a major challenge, especially when it comes to large objects like pet crates. This Ikea hack is a major space saver for pet owners with crates, because it combines a bedside nightstand (or another small table) with a crate. Here’s how to make it happen:

The parts. You’ll need

  • Gulliver changing table – $89.00
  • Your pet’s crate
  • A small tension rod or wire to hang a curtain under the table top
  • A curtain or some other fabric
  1. The first step before even going shopping is to make sure the crate will fit into the changing table. Check the link for measurements for the furniture. Then, you’ll have to consider whether this setup will really work for you and your pooch. It’s probably only feasible for dogs in the medium to small range, but it’s perfect for cats that sleep in crates (if that happens to apply to your kitty). Be aware that the shelf on the changing table may not support a crate and pet that weighs over 60 lbs.

To make the unit, remove the middle shelf in the changing table. Then, you basically just install the tension rod or wire under the lip of the tabletop, with the curtain hanging down. Insert the crate, and voila!

Source: Ikea Hackers

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