The 6 best dog parks in Toronto

Yep, it’s cold out. But Fido still needs some exercise and time to socialize with fellow canines. It’s always a great feeling to get out in the open with our beloved four-legged beasts and it’s even better knowing how much fun they have when they’re romping around in the grass with other pooches!

With that in mind, here are six of the best places to bring your dog in Toronto! Get out there and get some fresh air and make your dog as happy as you can!

Thompson Memorial Park

This great park in Scarborough at 1005 Brimley has fantastic fenced in areas specifically for dogs and tons of paths through large areas of wooded ravine. This gorgeous spot has a ton of great places for games too – tennis courts, ball parks, and fields let you play whatever you want as well!

Greenwood Park

This great park in Leslieville is a perfect place to bring your dog and the perfect place for you to grab a great cup of coffee while he’s enjoying himself. This is also home to the city’s first covered outdoor artificial ice rink, so it’s great to come back to and skate on when you have time!

Ramsden Park

Located in Rosedale at 1020 Yonge, this is the go-to place for hockey during the winter months and, of course, has a large off-leash area to pamper your dog. Enjoy all the fun you’re going to have here, no matter the time of year!

Etobicoke Valley Park

This leash-free park at 2040 Dundas East is a great place to go to fully let your dog play as much as they like. Off-leash parks are paradises for dogs and the free parking is paradise on your wallet.

Riverdale Park West

This great park at 375 Sumach has a huge grassy field where your dog can run around as much as he likes and get rid of all that frantic, happy energy that dogs always seem to have. Tons of people come here on the weekend as well, so it’s a great place to meet new friends – for you and your pup!

Sherwood Park

This fantastic spot in North Toronto, right at 190 Sherwood, is a nature-lovers dream. Tons of wooded paths, playgrounds, and areas to explore, this park will be a treat for you and your dog!

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