Awesome Ikea Hack of the Week: Use a baby cot as a space-saving clothes drying rack

One of the troubles with living in an apartment (especially in a huge city like Toronto!) is that space is always at an all time premium!  Not everyone has in-suite laundry either, so it makes getting all your cleaning done even more of a chore than it normally is.  With this great hack, it knocks out these two problems almost instantly!  Get a great space-saving way to dry your laundry and stop worrying about lugging it all down to the nearest laundromat, or buying a huge, clunky clothes-dryer that takes up your entire living room.  Not even kings could live as well as you will be in that bachelor suite of yours.


The parts. You’ll need

  • One Sniglar cot set – currently on sale $84.00
  • Two small press hinges
  • Four screw hooks
  • 2 metre curtain cord
  • A saw


Do it.

First, start by taking both ends of the Sniglar cot and cutting off the legs of them so that they both resemble a square.  You’ll need a small wood saw for this, and you’ll need to not kill yourself, so be careful with this step!

Secondly, on one of the ends, cut off the sides (the sections you just cute to size).

Third, attach one piece to the intact Sniglar cot end piece using the hinges, then attach three of the screw hooks to the other piece; one at both ends and one in the centre.

Then, attach the rig to the wall using the wall anchor screw fixings.

Finally, tie the cord to the first hook of the rig and loop it through all the rest so that it hangs to the side of the frame, and enjoy being able to dry clothes anytime you want!

Source: IKEA hackers

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