Awesome Ikea Hack of the Week: A cheap bed frame with storage

Storage is hard to come by in your Toronto apartment, so making storage where there normally isn’t any is a must. Today’s Ikea hack puts storage right where you need it: tucked away in your bedroom.

Using some Ikea drawer, you can create a super low-cost storage solution to stow away your ugly Christmas sweater, the teddy bears your ex gave you, or the snuggie you won’t admit that you own.


 The parts. You’ll need:

  • Rast chest of drawers – $49.99
  • Stick-on felt pads
  • Paint
  • Paintbrushes

Do it.

People, this one is really easy. Basically, you’re buying the Rast chest for the 3 drawers that are in it. By the way, this hack works best if your bed is pushed up against a wall, and especially if it is on a raised frame with at least 12” of clearance below.

Here’s the deal. You’re going to remove the three drawers from the Rast chest and paint them the colour of your choice. Let dry. If you want to go really crazy, replace the handles with something cool, like these or these.

Now, apply the felt pads to five spots on each drawer that you’re going to use under your bed. Two on the bottom of the drawer front, and three along the back bottom edge of the drawer. This is going to protect your floor from getting scratched.

Just fill your drawers with any junk that didn’t fit elsewhere, and slide under the bed!

Source: Ikea Hackers

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