Unpacking Kit Checklist


After you and your valuables arrive in your new home, we understand that it can still be a little overwhelming once the movers have left. Although you have carefully packed your boxes, we don’t want you to be caught up in the middle of the unpacking mess, which is why we encourage creating an unpacking kit to pack separately from the rest of your valuables.

Not only a simple unpacking kit can ease your move, you can also get immediate access to the supplies you will need for your first night at your new home. No need to worry if you don’t finish unpacking within the same day, you can hang on to your unpacking kit to have an enjoyable first night.

You can start by purchasing a transparent storage box so you can easily spot it among the rest of your moving boxes.

Here are the contents for your unpacking kit box:

✓ Garbage bags
✓ All-purpose cleaning spray/wipes
✓ Box cutter/scissors
✓ Tool sets
✓ First aid kit
✓ Paper towels
✓ Toilet paper
✓ Towel
✓ Soap, shampoo and conditioner
✓ Toothbrush
✓ Toothpaste
✓ Pain reliever
✓ Charger
✓ Blanket
✓ Sheets
✓ Plastic cup, paper cup and plastic utensils

In addition to this kit, make a list of takeout and delivery places nearby. We understand that after moving, cleaning and unpacking, you must be exhausted and undoubtedly starving. Knowing where you can grab your dinner can definitely come in handy!

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