15 Most Dog Friendly Neighbourhoods in Toronto 2019

Having a dog is a serious responsibility and it definitely alters your lifestyle in order to provide the proper care for your pup. Even the smallest dogs should be going outside and it makes life easier for dog owners if their neighbourhood caters to that. They are as important as any other member of a family and keeping them happy and healthy is something all good dog owners strive to do. This translates into living in neighbourhoods that has a lot of parks and trails so your pup can get out and explore. The less car traffic the better, and if there is a fenced off dog park its basically a gold mind for dog owners. It’s also nice to live in a place that has a lot of other pet owners which not only increases the likelihood of businesses catering towards pets, but also means your pup can make friends! The great thing about Toronto is even in the heart of downtown there are dog parks and walking trails so people who prefer to stay away from suburbia can still give their dogs lots of room to roam. These 15 dog-friendly neighbourhoods in Toronto will make you and your pup the happiest!

  1. Sunnybrook –Yorkmills is located in Toronto’s North York neighbourhood. It is definitely suburbia, but still super accessible by TTC. Sunnybrook Park offers a lot of trails but most importantly a closed off dog park where you can let your dog run off leash without worrying.


  1. Church and Wellesley is one of the most dog friendly neighbourhoods in downtown Toronto. Even though it is very busy, there is a huge community of dog owners there and with that a lot of services that cater to your pup. In fact one of the best brunch places in the area is called Hair of the Dog and you can even take your pup to the patio there! The décor there will speak to any dog lover.


  1. Riverdale has two of the most popular dog parks in the city. Riverdale Park East and Riverdale Park West are one of the hottest spots in town for doggies and their owners. Riverdale Park West tends to be more busy so if you have a social dog that’s the spot for you guys. If your dog prefers to explore on their own go to the quieter one in the East.


  1. High Park is mostly a residential neighbourhood and one of its biggest allures is High Park. Home to a lot of trails and the High Park Zoo this neighbourhood would make any active dog and owner happy. High Park does have coyotes, so it is recommended that smaller dogs are not let off leash.


  1. The Beaches is one of the shining stars of Toronto. It gives you cottage views a short streetcar away from the heart of downtown. Walk your pooch along the beach and let them go for a swim! The boardwalk is one of the prettiest walks you can do in Toronto.


  1. The Mt. Pleasant neighbourhood is located in midtown Toronto. This lovely residential neighbourhood is home to Sherwood Park which is a haven for joggers, hikers, and dog walkers.


  1. The Harbourfront offers great views of the lake while you walk, and there is a great park near Billy Bishop Airport that always has a couple of dogs playing there. Just because you live in downtown Toronto does not mean your furry pal won’t have room to play outside!


  1. Leslieville is a quiet neighbourhood in Toronto and one of the biggest draws there for dog owners is Cherry beach. It offers the opportunity for your dog to run off leash and get a swim in!


  1. Trinity – Bellwoods neighbourhood has a park with the same name that is one of the most popular in Toronto.Living in the inner city doesn’t mean you can’t keep your dog active and happy!  Perfect for social pups and their owners, especially if they have an affinity for the hipster lifestyle.


  1. The Lakeshore runs along more of the waterfront in Toronto. It is one of the most active neighbourhood’s in the city. You will see people jogging, running, bike riding, and of course walking their dogs. Perfect for people with bigger dogs living in the city who want to make sure they are getting enough exercise.


  1. Kensington Market with it’s pedestrian only area and park smack dab in the middle makes it a great place for downtown dog owners. Café Novo which is located there lets you bring your doggy to their patio and you can get a treat for both of you!


  1. Donmills and Sheppard is primarily a residential neighbourhood, and if you prefer a home away from downtown this could be the place. Ravines and quiet family neighbourhoods littered with parks make it a great place to raise a dog.


  1. Rosedale is one of the more affluent neighbourhoods in Toronto, and where there is money there are pets. There are parks to walk your pooch and a lot of business catering to furry family members. People who like quiet residential neighbourhoods will love Rosedale.


  1. Distillery District may come as a surprise option for dog owners, but considering it is a pedestrian area and most of the event held are outdoor, it is a great neighbourhood for people who like to take their dogs out to different events. The waterfront is close by as is downtown!


  1. Roncesvalles is just west of High Park and is known for its small town feel and European style architecture. It is close to High Park, the Toronto waterfront and all the trails that offers, and is home to a number of dog parks including Sorauren park which is off leash. There is a local vet and a lot of boarding and dog walker options for busy people.
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