Need a change of scenery? Check out Markham

One of the nicest of Toronto suburbs, Markham is filled with great parks, farms, and amenities for all kinds of interests and people. It’s great to get away from the hustle and bustle of downtown every now and then and well worth a visit if you’re nearby. So whether you’re from out of town looking for a nice, relaxed area to spend some time, or you’re from the heart of downtown looking for a place to relax, here are some great attractions to the neighbourhood that you should definitely try out!

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Pacific Mall

The Pacific Mall is the largest indoor Asian mall in North America that is open 365 days a year. They have everything from karaoke to restaurants and all the stores you’d want to shop in, as well as year round events of all kinds. With a focus mainly on Asian-specific culture, this is a great place to go to if you’re interested in watching something you normally wouldn’t be able to! There are all kinds of shops from cool to weird, tons of great Asian food and events that happen throughout the year.


This beautiful outdoor arena is the go-to place for skating under the stars in the winter. Established in the early 1900s, this arena has been a cultural touchstone for the citizens of Markham (and really, any Canadian when you think about it!) for generations. While you’ll have to wait until this December to fully appreciate the beauty and fun of skating under the stars, it remains a fun and interesting place to visit during the summertime. Besides, who doesn’t want to bring a first date to a skating rink like this sometime in their lives?


A major U-turn from the previous mentions in the list and something much more contemporary, Trapped is an escape room game where you pay the front desk to join into a scenario (like Medieval prison, or Pyramid) and then get locked in. The whole point is to solve the puzzles required for you to escape the room! Usually running about an hour, these escape rooms provide you and your friends with an absolutely unique and fantastic time for a completely reasonable cost. Wonder how useful you and your crew would be in a stressful situation? Try these out and see who needs the most help in a real emergency!

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