Paperwork you’ll need for rent application

Just like a job application, applying to rent an apartment or home requires a lot of research and intense hunt. Asides from that, you also require to prepare additional documents to support your rent application.

Documents such as financial information and rent history are almost always asked before the place is rented to you. In this situation, you would want to reassure your apartment’s property manager or landlord that you are reliable, responsible and on top of your game.

We have gather the list of essential documents that you should be prepare for when applying for an apartment or home…

Official ID

Your property manager or landlord will want to make a copy for his or her records. You can submit driver license, Permanent Resident card or passport.

Employment Letter

A letter from your employer should state your annual income and how long you have been employed in the place you currently work.


Most apartment property managers and landlords ask for pay stubs from the last three months to confirm that you make as much as you say you do.

Bank Statement

Your bank statement should demonstrate that you have enough money to pay rent.


Unlike a job application, it doesn’t have to be from your boss to say how reliable and responsible you are. It can be your former property manager or landlord, or a trusted friend that can confirm that you would be a good tenant.

Rental History

Usually, property managers or landlords will ask for rental history – a list of all the units or houses you have ever rented. You should include information such as the addresses, the phone numbers of your former property managers and/or landlords, how long you were there, how much you paid and (if possible) why you left.

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