The 7 best apps for Toronto renters

As renters, we’re lucky to have a ton of flexibility in our lives – no massive lump-sum down payments, and we can move every 12 months if we want to! But in other ways, we need to be creative about our homes, condos or apartments because as renters, things are a bit different for us.

Today we present 7 apps for renters. These aren’t apps to help you find your next rental (you’ve got TorontoRentals for that!), but instead to make your life as a renter easier and safer.

iScentry (FREE)

Your webcam isn’t just for Skype dates anymore. The iScentry app turns your computer’s webcam into a home security system. By pointing the webcam to face a portion of your apartment, the app directs it to detect for motion. If movement is detected, you get a notification on your phone and allows you to watch a live video feed while you’re away from home.

iHandy Level (FREE)

Buying tools sucks when you’re a renter, because you usually won’t need a huge toolkit for major renovations and construction projects. But for simple tasks like hanging pictures and shelves, you’ll need a level. Enter the iHandy Level app, which transforms your iPhone or Android into a level so you won’t have to eyeball it next time.

Howcast (FREE)

Need to know how to do something? Howcast can teach you – the app is full of how-to videos on everything from avoiding doing the dishes to how to make out.


Can’t find it on Howcast? Youtube pretty much knows how to do everything.

BrightNest (FREE)

Never forget to scrub your bathroom or kitchen sink again, thanks to the BrightNest app. It lets you make a cleaning and home maintenance schedule, sends reminders, and has tips to make cleaning and chores easier.

DIY Calculator ($0.99)

Want to paint your bedroom or living room? Or did you get the OK from the landlord to replace the horrible 1950s laminate flooring in your kitchen with hardwood or tile? DIY Calculator helps make buying materials for minor DIY projects easy. You enter the square footage of your room, and it tells you how many litres of paint or feet of flooring, wallpaper or tile you’ll need.

Transit App or RocketMan or Moovit (FREE)

Navigating Toronto’s relatively complicated transit system can be an absolute chore – especially when the bus is running late, or if you’re not sure what time the subway stops running. Find transit connections, arrival times, plan your route and find the closest stop near you with the three best apps for Toronto transit takers.

Know of an app that’s essential to Toronto life? Share it below.

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