The best Persian and Middle Eastern restaurants in Toronto

There’s something about the flavours you find in kebob or the sweet-salty stews served up by Toronto’s Persian and Middle Eastern restaurants that you’ll never forget. That, mixed with gorgeously traditional decor makes for a hell of a night of eating and drinking.

These 7 Persian and Middle Eastern restaurants are just a small picture of the amazing food from this region of the world that’s at the doorstep of every Torontonian! Try something weird like beef tongue or sheep’s head soup, or stay safe with grilled lamb, hummus or eggplant stew.

Sheherzade Persian Grill

Drawing from the mostly meat-filled grills in bazaars and kabob-style eating of Iran, Sheherzade on College at Bathurst is adored for its beef, lamb and dizi, or stew. Like the other two restaurants in the Pomegranate-Sheherzade-Takht-e Tavoos trio, the decor inside the restaurant is traditional and uber cozy.

Darvish Restaurant

Consistently delicious and boasting great service, Darvish on in Church and Wellesley is often called one of the best Persian restaurants in the city. Go for the kabob, fesenjaan, and the mast-o-moosyr as an appetizer.

Mezzetta Restaurant and Tapas Bar

For Mediterranean tapas, Mezzetta on St. Clair is certainly one of the best restaurants in Toronto, with good service to boot. The hummus is perfectly creamy and the moussaka is wonderful.


Now with two locations – one on Queen St. E, one on Yonge in Midtown – Tabule serves up really great Lebanese food and has belly dancing on Saturday nights. The menu is packed with vegetarian options, like lentil soup and falafel, and awesome meats like the kefta and lamb chops.

Pomegranate Restaurant

With a menu featuring some of the best Iranian dishes in existence, like fesenjaan, adas polo and aloo gheysi, Pomegranate on College near Bathurst gets crazy busy at dinnertime, for good reason. The traditional decor inside is very inviting, too.

Fat Pasha

Great service and awesomely filling, satisfying food make the Fat Pasha in the Annex a popular spot for dinner. Inside it’s cozy and very boho, but bring your expense account because this isn’t a cheap eats place.

Takht-e Tavoos

The menu is tiny at this Iranian restaurant on College at Dufferin, but tiny menus are often a sign of great food, and Takht-e Tavoos is no exception. The amazing decor inside is a great backdrop for the amazing brunch and lunch dishes like haleem, spinach narguesi and, if your dare, kalleh pacheh.

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