There are plans to build a massively tall new skyscraper in Toronto

There are now plans to build some insanely tall towers, as part of a four-tower multiuse project destined for the Eaton Chelsea Hotel project at the corner of Gerrard and Yonge. The plans include towers of 80, 74, 50 and 46 storeys, according to Urban Toronto.

Eighty storeys is a pretty staggering number and would make the tower the largest one in the city, storey-wise, although it would be the sixth tallest where actual height is concerned.

It’s a pretty huge deal, proposing four towers, almost 1,900 residential units and 300 hotel suites, all from a property development company based in Hong Kong, but doing massive projects worldwide.

The renderings for the enormous project show that the street level of the project would be available to businesses like cafes, and could have a patio-cafe atmosphere. But the details right now are limited.

By the way, looking into tallest buildings in Toronto brought up some pretty contradictory results, because the number of storeys doesn’t always reflect the actual height of the building. For example, the CN Tower doesn’t technically have storeys, since it’s pretty much a giant concrete toothpick with a timbit near the top.

So after the CN Tower, which measures 1,815 feet, First Canadian Place is 978 feet. Actual height-wise, the Aura tower is fourth, at 896 feet. So although the proposed 80-storey tower would have more storeys, its expected height of 825 feet would technically make it the sixth tallest building in the city.

Will this change the Toronto skyline? Probably. Think a project like this is worthwhile in the area? Let us know what you think.

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