There is a Harry Potter party coming to Toronto and it looks awesome

Get out your wands, capes and cloaks of invisibility – there’s a Harry Potter party coming to Toronto, and it looks awesome.

The party’s called Platform 9 3/4 (love it) and will have, according to the event’s website:

“magical entertainment, sorcerous challenges, wizardly cocktails, and a chance to win raffle prizes and bid on silent auction items…”

You’re definitely going to want to dress up for this one, and you’ll want to buy tickets early. We Harry Potter fans are a ravenous bunch, and you can expect the event to sell out quickly. Early bird pricing WAS in effect until March 19, but sold out within days.

Horcrux Hunt

The event organizers announced one of the events that are part of the Potter party: the Horcrux Hunt. Details are a bit hazy, but it appears to be something like a treasure hunt to discover all seven horcruxes. Cool.

Awesome note: proceeds from the party will be donated toward scholarships from the George Brown College Foundation, as well as Covenant House.

You can get warmed up for the festivities with their online quiz, and follow event updates on Twitter and Instagram.

The Details

The event is 19+, probably because of those wizardly cocktails.

It happens Tuesday, April 12 at 7:30 pm.

The location is Hart House, 7 Hart House Circle.

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