Top 15 Neighbourhoods for Singles in Toronto

Being single in the city is a great position to be in. Dating is a numbers game, and the fact that Toronto has a massive population that only continues to grow obviously helps with that.

Beyond that, Toronto has a lot to offer single people especially ones coming from outside the city who are looking for something new. Single people by nature of their status are not tied down, and should be out and about in order to meet new people. The beauty of a big city for singles is that it is so diverse and there is something for everyone because as the saying goes, different strokes for different folks.

The best neighbourhoods for singles are ones with a lot going on, and no we don’t just mean bars because that’s not everyone’s thing. Active neighbourhoods that draw you out and has you meeting new people at festivals, markets, community events are the best place for single people. Of course, there does need to be a great nightlife as well that is easily accessible.

With these requirements in mind, here are the 15 best Toronto neighbourhoods to be single in!



  1. Yonge and Eglinton with all of its bars ,restaurants, and affordable housing continues to live up to its nickname of ‘Young and Eligible.’ A lot of working professionals live around here as do people in the hospitality industry. It doesn’t matter what day of the week it is, you can go out in this neighbourhood and find a good time. A lot of the pubs and bars put on live music like the Rose and Crown, Queens Legs, and 744 for those who are not big drinkers but still enjoy going out!
Street view of Yonge and Eglinton with people crossing

Awarded “Most likely to Manhattanize”.

  1. Liberty Village like Yonge and Eglinton is busy everyday of the week. It doesn’t matter when you go down there, there will be loads of people walking the streets, especially in the summer. It offers a different environment from Yonge and Eg and is perfect for hipsters looking to find their kombucha drinking soul mate. Also for people who are looking to meet people in an environment outside of bars, Liberty Village is perfect.
residential building in liberty village

You and Kombucha babe can live here.

  1. The Distillery District is one of the most fun areas of Toronto. The historic and walking neighbourhood with its amazing architecture is the site of so many different events and festivals in Toronto. In the winter there is the iconic Christmas Market. Throughout the year music festivals are put on, flea markets, and art shows. For people who love art and staying active in the Toronto social scene would love it here because of all the opportunities to meet new people with similar interests!
Man walking beside pub in distillery district, toronto

It’s also iconic for…. you know, the beer.

  1. Yonge and Sheppard offer’s a piece of downtown in what is basically suburbia. The perfect location for a date night and for singles to just get out, the uptown neighbourhood has bars, restaurants, movie theatres, and a lot of karaoke if you feel so inclined. Not everyone likes being downtown but they don’t want to sacrifice not having access to entertainment and having that as an avenue to meet new people. This neighbourhood is a great compromise. Also if you love Korean food you will love it here.
whole foods in yonge and sheppard, toronto

Alternative to Korean food: literal Whole Foods.

  1. The Harbourfront has become a go to for young Toronto professionals. The close proximity to the lake offers a reprieve from the concrete jungle but it is also walking distance from Front street which is one of the best bar scenes in Toronto and the Rogers stadium. There are a lot of ways to meet new people here, and lots of things to do with them in this hood. In the winter there is skating right by the water, and in the summer you can walk along the boardwalk or even rent a boat to take out on the lake!
Man in striped shirt walking on dock in harbourfront, toronto

That’s right. Take a breather.

  1. The Annex is a very student heavy neighbourhood, but that shouldn’t scare you off! Lots of undergrad and grad students live here and the neighbourhood caters heavily to that. That basically means it’s really fun! If you don’t mind having a bunch of frats and sororities around you, maybe that even sounds appealing to you than The Annex will serve your single needs well.
University of Toronto campus in the Annex

Ah, our beautiful University of Toronto.

  1. Kensington Market is great for someone with a more alternative lifestyle and seeking out likeminded people. Are you pro marijuana legalization? Do you enjoy eccentric characters? Would you like to be close to some of the best food in Toronto? Kensington might just be for you.
Fruit and vegetable market in Kensington, Toronto

Great place to get your fresh produce too!

  1. Queen St. West is one of the coolest neighbourhoods in Toronto. Lots of little boutiques, bars, galleries, and restaurants line the streets of this neighbourhood offering a lot of ways to meet new people and just to get out. One of the best things to on Queen St. West is just to walk and take it all in! It’s free people watching so you can have a look and see what’s out there.
Shops in Queen St. West, Toronto

Windowshopping galore.

  1. King St. West is home to Toronto’s infamous Entertainment District. Walking the streets at night you will hear the pounding music from the clubs that make up a lot of the real estate there. The streets are filled with people who came out for a good time dressed to the nines. Because of this, this is one of the best neighbourhoods for Toronto singles. At least ones who prefer a bit of a crazy nightlife.
streets of entertainment district, king street west, toronto

Business in the day, party in the night.

  1. Church and Wellesley, Toronto’s beloved LGBTQ neighbourhood affectionately known as The Village. This would be the number 1 spot for LGBTQ singles but really with how much the neighbourhood offers in terms of entertainment it’s great for anyone! The laid back positive vibe there makes it one of the most welcoming neighbourhoods in Toronto making it especially good for singles that are new to Toronto.
pizza pizza with rainbow sign in church and Wellesley, toronto

Pizza with pride.

  1. Leslieville can seem intimidating because it seems far from the core of downtown for people who prefer that, but in reality it is a simple street car away and offers a lot in terms of affordable rent and an eclectic and fun community. Lovers of ethnic food and taking strolls during the day to find cute patios would love it here.
Bike shop in leslieville, toronto

Not into streetcars? There’s always biking.

  1. Dundas and Ossington has emerged in recent years as one of the top go to neighbourhoods for young people looking for a good time at night. The bars are hip and cool and so is the crowd. The hood is young and full of energy making it prime real estate for singles.
Dark horse bar dundas and ossington, toronto

Black will always be the new black.

  1. Cabbagetown is a bit nity and gritty, but has gone through a lot of gentrification in recent years. Artists and hipsters have remade the previously impoverished neighbourhood into a really cool one that is very socially conscious. While not without its problems, Cabbagetown is the center for a lot of social activism so people who are artistic and care about social justice Cabbagetown would offer an enivornment with a lot of kindred spirits. Also there is Riverdale Farm so it’s great for animal lovers as well.
Street view of red brick house in cabbagetown, toronto

Definitely has some character. Charming.

  1. Yorkville is all about high fashion brand names, amazing food, and spending lots of money. The bars there cater to the bougie crowd but the prices but good drink prices can still be found. All of this makes Yorkville perfect for the single looking to meet a partner who enjoys the finer things in life as much as they do.
Red Oxley shop building in Yorkville, Toronto

You fancy, huh?

  1. Little Italy is one of the most underrated neighbourhoods in Toronto. This is not just a place for your parents to go! Bursting with a great sports bar scene that would entice any sports lover (especially soccer) this Toronto neighborhood is the place for great indie bars and food. A lot of the homes have been refurbished into multi unit homes which has transformed it from mostly a family neighbourhood to one with more singles and students looking for a neighbourhood feel close to downtown Toronto.
restaurant in little italy, toronto

Also bursting with great food.

Looking to move to any of these great neighbourhoods? Try this.

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