Toronto’s trendiest neighbourhoods in 2016

Living in Toronto inspires fantasies of being a part of a booming culture. Happening neighbourhoods like the Annex, Kensington Market, and the Junction promise to immerse you in the best of what Toronto has to offer.

Don’t endure Toronto, rather embrace and love it! Let architecture inspire you on the walk home from work or school, stopping along the way to dip into trendy cafes, vintage shops, and to say hello to friends that you run into on the streets.

These are all pretty standard experiences when renting in any one of these three trendy districts.

And hey, if you need more info about these ‘hoods, or if you’re looking for the deets about another part of TO, just check out our handy Neighbourhood Guides for everything you need to know, including the average cost of rent in each.

  1. The Annex: A diverse residential area calls to professionals, families, and students alike. U of T sits at the edge of the Annex, and with a booming student population comes an abundance of affordable restaurants.You won’t be hurting to treat yourself out for a meal in this neighbourhood! Enjoy the gorgeous architecture of old style homes, happening nightlife, and one of Toronto’s highlight record stores, Sonic Boom.The Annex lets you dress trendy and become cultured on a budget.
  2. Kensington Market: This progressive community has a creative flair that’ll leave you feeling rejuvenated.Living in Kensington is like being part of a big family – join in on the drum circles at Bellevue Square Park, soak in the street art performances during the summer’s Pedestrian Sundays, enjoy the fresh veg and juice markets, retro and hippy shops, and enjoy the trendy cafes. They also have one hell of a dive bar.This is the kind of place to feel connected.
  3. The Junction: One of the last remaining neighbourhoods that maintains a small town feel.Industrial buildings are converted into stylish and affordable rental pads that appeal to artists, entrepreneurs, and young families alike. This is a hotspot for anyone looking to feel at home in a community.The Junction has its own library, parks, schools, and many beautiful shops including a few vintage furniture boutiques. To top it all off, the Junction is a booming foodie paradise and home to Toronto’s best authentic pizza over at Vesuvio’s Pizza & Spaghetti House. Also, we highly recommend you try the selection of intensely satisfying coffee houses.Check it out if you haven’t already!



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