Trendy boho design ideas for your Toronto apartment

You’ve gone to your friends houses and seen all the same kind of thing: band posters on the wall, an old couch that probably needs to be thrown out, some pictures and other decorations scattered around, and you’ve decided that you need something that really makes your apartment stand out. It’s not easy to decorate like a pro, but sometimes what you need is just a little personality in your place.

Check out these ideas for how to decorate your Toronto apartment on the cheap, so it looks cool and trendy.

Dream catchers

According to First Nations and other Native American legend, the Spider Woman, known as Asibikaashi, would take care of all the people in the land and give them good dreams, but when the people spread throughout the land, she was unable to keep up. Mothers and Grandmothers took up the duty, and started to weave Dream Catchers to protect the good dreams of their loved ones.

Whether you believe in the legend or not, Dream Catchers are a unique and beautiful way to add some flair to your home. They are created in all kinds of styles, sizes and colours, and who doesn’t need good dreams every night?

Bead or fabric curtains as impromptu doors

Sometimes rooms that should be more private aren’t, and you need that little extra bit of help to divide a space properly. Any hallway can be sectioned off into another room if you so need it, and hanging something simple like beads or bolts of cloth can be a great way to do so. Not only does it have a practical function, but it can really look nice with the right materials. Consider burlap, lace or linen.

Abstract art

It’s one thing to fill up your walls with posters that everyone has seen before, or something innocent and inoffensive like flowers or a landscape, but why not try something really eye-catching and interesting? It doesn’t need to be super weird, but something small that reminds people of your personality can be fun. From an Escher print to something a little more recognizable like Magritte’s Son of Man, or something completely different altogether, it’s important to decorate in a way that really shows off who you are.

That one special piece

We all have something, whether it be a bright, baby blue desk or a elegant, vintage table. No matter the item, show it off! Make it a centrepiece for a room and don’t take any criticism otherwise. Your place is yours and you should fill it up with anything you want, especially if it’s eye catching. You may find that the piece really brings the room together, while also proclaiming your personality.

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