3 of the best pizza joints in Toronto

When you’re craving a pizza so hard it hurts, the sloppy, flimsy slices from your neighbourhood pizza shop just doesn’t cut it. Sometimes, you need to get out there and eat a REAL pizza.

Worry not, Torontonians. We found 3 of the most badass, amazing pizza restaurants in Toronto, just for you.

Descendant Detroit Style Pizza

Now here’s a place to go if you want something huge, savoury and able to give you leftovers for a week – Descendant, located at 1168 Queen E – is the city’s first Detroit-style pizzeria and well worth the reputation for great food that it’s been given. Unlike most other pizzas, this pizza is almost a casserole or pie – it’s cooked deep, with thick dough and lots of sauce, and filling as anything else. While the price may look a little expensive, it’s important to remember that one or two pieces will definitely fill you up – giving you lots of pizza goodness to store away in your fridge afterwards!

Cellar Door Restaurant

A switch in style from the above, we now go to a Neapolitan pizzeria with thin crusts, thin sauces, and great, fresh toppings. Located at 3003 Lake Shore Blvd. W, this place combines a varied and delicious menu with a great reputation. From a classic margherita to a prosciutto-based creation, all the way up to specials like the Anna Maria (with spicy meat and brie!), it’s hard to go wrong with any of the choices available! Not only that, but there are pasta dishes, cheese plates, and lots of other options! Cellar Door is the perfect place to go with friends in a big group, because it serves a wide variety of tastes and styles.

Village Pizza

The happy middle ground, at 750 Dovercourt, Village is a great, locally-sourced business that charges $5 a slice for quality pizza that you’ll love. The whole idea here is that Neapolitan pizza shouldn’t necessarily be expensive, nor should it always be a seated, fine-dining experience – just grab one of their slices and go, is their attitude! Be sure to try a slice of the Thanks, Obama! – which is a surprisingly delicious Hawaiian inspired pizza featuring BBQ Spam and pineapple.

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