Unique Ways to Party This Halloween in Toronto!

Everyone knows someone who’s going to get a party together, some small snacks, some craft beer and not much else. All house parties get really samey after a while and everyone kinda knows it, but it’s always good to hang out with your friends, right? Well this year, how about moving the party outside to a different location and mixing it up a bit? House parties are great, but going to a unique, once-a-year event can be so much better! Here are some weird and fun things to do around Toronto this Halloween that you should definitely check out!

Ghost Ship Toronto

Imagine a haunted house and DJ’d dance party, but on the water! Tickets are $50 and you can party down with a bunch of other costumed people on a sleek boat, cruising around downtown Toronto until 2 am! The best part of this is not only that you won’t have to clean anything up at home. Full warning, Ghost Ship is kind of an offshore extension of the TO nightclub scene, with all the “revealing” costumes on the girls and open-shirted guys. Enjoy the fresh air or the heated interiors alike and mix up your Halloween party style this year.


Halloween Paint Bath 2016

If you really want to cut loose and go crazy this Halloween, listening to some great music and having a great messy time, why not give the Paint Bath a try? One of the few places where the only costume you need is to wear all white clothing, this rave-plus-paint is a great and fun way to go a little wild this Halloween. Best part is some crazy, colourful, wearable souvenirs afterwards. Tickets are $25 for a night of wicked fun with a bunch of cool people and great music.


Halloween Run Toronto

Interested in Halloween but can’t stay up as late as you want? Are a morning person instead of a night owl? Just want to raise money for a good cause? Why not try the Halloween Run, which donates directly to the WWF? The Halloween Run has a variety of runs, from a 5k and 10k run/walk for beginners and a mile for the kids. Wear your costume and high-five other dressed up Torontonians along the way.

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