Awesome Ikea Hack of the Week: A convenient and cute phone charging station

Fair enough – plugging your phone into the socket on the side of your kitchen cabinet and leaving the phone on the counter isn’t the end of the world. But we at Toronto Rentals are all about making your life easy and awesome, so we want your apartment to be even better. That’s why we found this Ikea Hack for a convenient and cute phone charging system that’s cheap and adds storage to your home. The whole thing will set you back less than $45!

  1. The parts. You’ll need


  1. Do it. Mark out the height that the rail will hang at on the side of your cupboard. The rail should be hung below the plugin, but that depends on your kitchen. Use a pencil or pen to mark out where to drill the holes to install the rail. Use the level to ensure it’s hanging straight.

Put six of the hooks on the rail, then install the rail on the side of the cupboard with the screwdriver or drill.

On the middle two hooks, hang the wire rack. Hang each of the utensil holders from the two remaining hooks on the outside of the rack. When you charge your phone, it sits in the wire basket.

Pro tip: Place some rocks or styrofoam pieces into the bottom of each utensil holder, fill with potting soil and add herbs, such as cilantro, chives, parsley or basil. You’ll have an indoor herb garden to up your cooking game!

Source: Hometalk

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