Taco heaven: 8 of Toronto’s best Mexican restaurants

There’s something about Mexican food that makes the perfect fresh summertime snack (read: fish tacos and margaritas) and at the same time, the ideal winter comfort food (rice and beans, chile relleno). Lucky for us, Toronto has both, and has the taco scene down pat, from al pastor to baja-style grilled fish. From the cheap and delicious to the pricey and unforgettable, here are 8 of the best Mexican restaurants for those of us living or seeking to move to Toronto.

Tortilla at Tenoch

All the yes.


Savoury beyond belief, Tenoch’s menu is delish from start to finish, the portions are massive and the prices are really reasonable. Go for the husk tamales, tortas and any of the tacos. On St. Clair, at Oakwood, this is a casual pot, nothing fancy.

Grand Electric

Grand Electric on Queen Street in Parkdale is a taco place, pure and simple, with communal tables, great cocktails and their own beer label. This is the same chain that does Electric Mud BBQ. Go for the fish tacos, but all their taco selections are nicely seasoned on very soft tortillas.

Playa Cabana

With tacos stuffed with perfectly seasoned octopus, fish, shrimp, chicken and beef, plus some really great ceviche, Playa Cabana on Dupont in the Annex is cheap, very casual, very tiny, and very delicious.

nachos at tacos el asador

Beautiful, beautiful cheese.

Tacos El Asador

Tacos in Koreatown? Por favor! If you need burritos in your life, this is your spot. The tacos are unreal too, and price-wise, this place is great.

Seven Lives

Baja-style cooking in Mexico means fresh grilled fish, and Seven Lives in Kensington Market has it down. It’s tiny, cash-only and quick – perfect for lunch. Eat the Gobernador.

El Trompo

Known for their tacos al pastor, El Trompo on Augusta has a great patio that pairs well with margaritas. For brunch, their huevos rancheros are an amazing hangover cure, and if more grease is in order later in the day, go for a queso fundido. The menu is small, but these guys know good Mexican.

cornbread at los colibris

So juicy.

Los Colibris

While it’s possible to get cheap and amazingly tasty Mexican grub in Toronto, Los Colibris does it differently. Situated on King in the Entertainment District, this is where you go for upscale Mexican and great service. Try their ceviches, the rajas poblanas and the gallina de chocolate.

Como En Casa

Tiny and very casual, Como en Casa on Yonge at Wellesley does a pretty good job at Mexican food. They’ve got the basics covered, from tacos, to enchiladas, to tamales, burritos, quesadillas and – the Mexican staple – rice and beans. For the helpings, the prices are really reasonable. Good option for take-out.

FYI, there is also such thing as a nacho haunt in Toronto. Totally work checking out as well, for the Mexican food lovers out there!

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