Why Danforth is the Neighbourhood that has it all

The Danforth, aka Toronto’s Greektown, is a great location very close to the heart of downtown. This bustling neighbourhood has been changing for the past few years and it has become a great, friendly space where everyone from families to the young looking to eat and shop come and congregate, and the stores, restaurants and amenities make this location attractive to just about anybody!

A great central meeting place

Centrally located and one of the most popular spots in the area is the Carrot Common, which you’ll notice as you walk through the outdoor courtyard in the centre of the mall. It has a wide variety of stores, including places to pick up your health foods like the Big Carrot, lots of great clothing stores like Erietta Boutique and, of course, great coffee from Timothy’s World Coffee. This little shopping mall has it all, and it’s in a great location to service anyone living in, around or near this great neighbourhood.

Some great food

Of course, being Greektown, you’d expect some great Greek food – and the Danforth completely provides! Asteria is a family-run restaurant with two locations in the area, which already says quite a bit about the food. The portions are generous and their souvlaki is to die for, all for extremely reasonable prices!

Although Danforth is known for its Greek food, there is still a wide range of restaurants around the area, including even Caribbean – Simone’s Caribbean Restaurant provides an authentic Caribbean experience on the Danforth, giving anyone who eats there great food, atmosphere and service complimented by a great back garden patio. They also serve authentic Jamaican beer!

Fantastic amenities

The Danforth also has some really great amenities. The wide variety of shops really gives the area a great character and provides services that you may not find anywhere else!

The Clay Room, for example, is a paint-your-own ceramics studio that’s open for walk-ins six days out of the week for you to find that perfect gift for yourself or a friend and paint it. Joy of Dance is a dance studio offering all kinds of dance lessons for you to really unlock that inner creativity and physicality within yourself. There’s even a great vape store, if you are interested in replacing your smoking habit with something else – 180 Smoke is a famous vape store providing juice, e-cigarettes and more, right in the heart of the neighbourhood.

What’s your favourite spot on the Danforth?

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