Awesome Life Hack of the Week: 10 super easy hacks to make this the best Christmas ever

Decorating your Toronto apartment or house for Christmas can be expensive and time consuming. So we’ve mustered up 10 ways to decorate easily and on a budget, usually using things that are hanging around the house anyway. Here are just a few ways to bring the spirit of the season indoors!

  1. Transform Scrabble pieces into festive messages.
    Source: Better Homes and Gardens
  2. Hang ornaments from your light fixtures for instant Christmas!
    Source: Brassy Apple
  3. Using just one size of Christmas lights is boring. Mix tiny lights with bigger lights to add some oomph to your Christmas tree.
    Source: Vintage Revivals
  4. Keep beverages cool in a pretty way. Freeze cranberries in water to make pretty, coloured ice. Garnish with small boughs.
    Source: Better Homes and Gardens
  5. Whipped cream on hot chocolate is so average. Instead, spread Cool Whip on a baking sheet, freeze for an hour and use cookie cutters to make fun shapes!
    Source: No Biggie
  6. Make snowflakes out of popsicle sticks painted white. Add sparkles.
    Source: Better Homes and Gardens
  7. Blast candy canes in the blender and use the powder for absolutely everything. As a topping on cakes, in hot chocolate, in smoothies, to decorate stuff, into cake batter and on ice cream!
    Source: Mama Loves Food
  8. Create an advent calendar from a muffin tin. Don’t forget to put chocolates or toys inside!
    Source: Better Homes and Gardens
  9. Transform upside-down ice cream cones on top of cupcakes into Christmas trees. Use an icing piper and silver sprinkles to get the look just right.
    Source: Better Homes and Gardens
  10. Sick of your Christmas lights getting tangled? Wrap them around a hanger this year after Christmas and skip the hassle next year.

By the way, although we normally post Life Hacks for you on Saturdays, check for our Christmas Dinner Life Hack, coming out on Tuesday, December 22.

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