These 10 super towers will change Toronto’s skyline forever

Sure, Downtown Toronto is already jam-packed with skyscrapers, but since building out isn’t an option, there’s room for more. TO’s developers and architects are looking to build upwards, adding condos and some office and retail space to the city’s stock.

Some of these 10 tallest buildings are under construction right now, while others are just on the books awaiting approval from city officials. Chances are, some will run out of money before, or during, the groundbreaking stage. Others are destined to become part of TO’s landscape in the coming year or two.

These 10 tallest upcoming buildings in Toronto will surely change the skyline, add more activity to the city’s core and create some interesting architecture to look up at.

For reference, CN Tower is still the tallest structure in Toronto, at 552m, and First Canadian Place is second, at 355 – but only if you count the antennae on its top. Without it, it’s 298m tall.

Oxford Place I and II


Not one, but two enormous towers are on the books for the huge redevelopment at Oxford Place, combining plans for the Metro Toronto Convention Centre and a casino (maybe). The two proposed mixed-use towers of with condominium units are sketched out at 326m each, but designs aren’t yet approved.

The One


While One Bloor E nears completion and sells out, plans are underway for The One, right across the street and measuring 80m taller. Early renderings show the tower’s exterior will be gold and off-white, with diamond-shaped details in a variety of sizes.

Mirvish+Gehry West


The silver west tower of the approved project on King W is already in the construction phase, meaning it might spend some time as the tallest building in Canada, if you don’t count the antennae on First Canadian Place.

Pinnacle One Yonge


The Pinnacle tower is one of six towers that were proposed for the major redevelopment at 1 Yonge Street.

50 Bloor Street W


The tower approved to be the new topper for Holt Renfrew on Bloor is slated to measure 83 storeys upon completion, giving Torontonians who buy the upper floor condos some panoramic views – until, at least, more skyscrapers pop up.

Mirvish+Gehry East


The smaller, east tower of the Mirvish+Gehry development is shown to be clad in gold, or at least gold-coloured glass. The development is proposed to include a campus of OCAD University and the 9,000 sq. ft. Mirvish Collection art gallery.

One Yonge Street Tower 2


Another of the towers in the 1 Yonge Street development, which include the 25-storey Toronto Star building.

156/160 Front


The huge, single tower approved for the site at 156/160 Front Street will offer a ton of new office space to Toronto’s downtown.

One Yonge Street Tower 3


At 69 storeys, even the third-tallest tower of this development will be massive upon completion.

One Bloor


The massive tower called One Bloor is the tallest one currently under construction in the city at the moment, proving that if all nine others on this list come to fruition, the skyline of Toronto will change drastically. Condo units in this tower are currently available for sale.

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