3 reasons why you should hang out in the Distillery District this weekend

Located right near the water, between Cherry and Parliament, the Distillery District is the place to be this summer, because of the great food, great people and great art that’s happening all the time inside it! This revitalized Victorian industrial area captures the essence of other newly established patio districts that focus on culture and people, like New York’s SoHo district. Whether you want to try some new restaurant or catch a great art show, you can definitely find it in the Distillery District.

It has a really interesting history

Founded in 1832, the Gooderham and Worts Distillery provided the world with over 2 million gallons of whiskey, and would slowly cease its production over the period of 160 years. As the importance of heavy industry died down, the area was bought in 2001 by a company who had a vision for the district – a place where people could open local businesses and attract foot traffic from the locals. Today, it’s easily one of the most vibrant places in all of TO.

It’s a perfect place for a dinner date!

From pub-style comfort food, to fancy French fusion, the Distillery District really can cater to whatever you might be craving. There aren’t any chain restaurants here, only well-loved and cared for local establishments that are just waiting for your hungry belly! After you eat at a great place like Archeo or Tappo, you can head on down to Greg’s Ice Cream or The Sweet Escape Patisserie. Eating out around here is incredible!

If you’re interested in art, you’ll definitely want to check it out

The number of art galleries and theatres in the district is impressive and it’s absolutely one of the most interesting areas to find great culture. If you’re ever interested in catching a great play at Nightwood Theatre or even just browsing one of the many art galleries for some great pieces (you have to fill up that empty wall in your house, right?), you’re sure to never be bored in this unique and beautiful Toronto neighbourhood.

The Distillery District is a Toronto landmark and a great option for anyone looking to escape from the mundane daily grind. Treat yourself to a great meal or a nice night out at the theatre – you never know what kind of fun you’ll have until you go out and see for yourself!

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