5 best karaoke bars in Koreatown

Everyone needs to get a little rowdy sometimes and goof off with their friends – what better place to do this in than a karaoke bar downtown? Koreatown is the home of some fantastic restaurants with some absolutely wonderful food, but it’s also the capital of the city for the best karaoke spots! So whether you’re looking to get sloppy with the squad or practice your signing skills, you should definitely consider hitting up these great spots.

Freezone Karaoke

This quaint little spot on 721 Bloor W has been the go-to for casual fun for years and is a scene right out of that perfect party room in your friend’s house. It recaptures that “I’m still in University and have the weekend off” vibe that everyone’s kind of dying to have, and absolutely delivers a great time. Prices are around $20 for a party of four and up to $60 for around fifteen.


This location has some fantastic song choices and a clean, well-maintained atmosphere to give comfort to anyone who’s come to have a great time. Located at 708 Bloor, this is a great, no-nonsense location for those who just want to belt out some of their favourite tunes (as well as an extensive library of Asian hits of all kinds!) Expect to pay about $30 an hour to party here.

BMB Karaoke and Lounge

This trendy and flashy lounge at 593 Bloor makes anyone feel like a rockstar! This is the biggest place in Koreatown for Karaoke and the inside shows it – sparing no expense, this is easily the most stylish place in town and provide hits of basically any language you can name. From English to Spanish and everything in between and outside, this place has it all. Room prices start at $20 an hour and go up from there.

XO Karaoke

With seven rooms in total, catering to school crowds, professionals and revellers of all kinds, this place is definitely a great stop to go to if you’re looking to get a bit sloppy. Their beer selection is great, their top-shelf is well stocked, and the rooms themselves cater to exactly what you need. Expect to pay $20 per hour for a small room, and more for bigger.

On The Rocks

This fantastic restaurant/karaoke lounge is the perfect compromise for people who want to go out for a great meal and people who may want to also party down and have a great time. Unlike the other establishments, full meals are served here and they’re all fantastic!

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