A handy checklist for renters

When you’re searching for your next dream rental, there are a few details to consider before entering into a lease or tenancy agreement. Sure, the countertops may be granite and you might have an awesome view, but in order to live comfortably in your next apartment, there are a few other factors to check.

Having a checklist on hand is good practice when you’re hunting for your next rentals. Your rental checklist should include your personal must-haves (eg. insuite laundry, underground parking, hardwood floors) plus these essentials:


  • Do all locks, hinges and handles on all doors and windows work properly?
  • Do the smoke detectors work properly? Is there a carbon monoxide alarm?
  • Is there any sign of past break-ins?
  • Is there any sign of rodents like mice?
  • Is there mold on any windows or in the shower?


  • Is there heating in the unit? Does it work well? Will it be expensive?
  • Is there a hot water tank in the unit? Is it big enough for your needs?
  • Are there enough closets to store your belongings? Is there a storage unit outside of your apartment?
  • Is there a dedicated parking space for your vehicle? Will your vehicle fit? Is the parking secure?
  • Is there a yard or common space? How is it maintained?

Appliances & Electronics

  • Do the fridge, stove, dishwasher, microwave, washing machine and in-sink garbage disposal work properly?
  • Do the toilets and faucets all work properly?
  • Do all light switches work? Any burnt out lightbulbs?
  • Are there plenty of electrical sockets around the apartment?
  • Is the TV hookup in a convenient location?
  • Will you be able to conveniently access the internet modum in case it needs to be reset?

More tips for renters:


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