3 tips for renting with pets in Toronto

In any city, trying to find a great rental that meets all your criteria for price, size and location can be hard enough, but when you add a pet into the mix, plus the super tight rental market in Toronto, you’ve got a real pickle on your hands.

In the spirit of helping pet-owning renters find awesome places to live with their pooch in Toronto, here are 3 essential tips for renting with pets in Toronto.

Make a bio for your pet

Just like some renters will print out a fun information/bio sheet about themselves to stand out to landlords and property managers, you can do the same for your pet.

Show the landlord or manager what makes your pet an awesome roommate and a great addition to your family. Explain that your pet is friendly with people, quiet, non-destructive and clean (as long as that’s all true). You might want to include some “references” from friends and a vet to vouch for your pet’s demeanor. Add information about vaccinations and identification tags, stats like size and weight, and definitely include a cute photo!

Get your pet on the lease

Avoid any problems and changes of heart on the part of the landlord or property manager down the road, and make sure there’s wording in your tenancy agreement or contract that explains your pet is welcome to live in your rental for the duration of your tenancy. Read over the lease carefully and make sure there aren’t any restrictions that ban certain breeds in the contract.

Live up to the landlord’s expectations

Following through is important to show your landlord that you’re holding up your end of the bargain (ie. the lease agreement). You’ll make your life easier, and your landlord’s by being a great tenant, and that means training your pet not to bark, meow or scratch up the apartment. Make your your home is free of pet smells, and don’t let pets “do their business” in any of the landscaped or lawn-covered areas of your building – or that of the neighbours. If they do, clean it up right away, and dispose of the waste in an appropriate bin – not the little garbage can inside your building’s lobby.

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