Awesome Ikea Hack of the Week: A cheap beach-inspired coffee table

Even if your Toronto apartment isn’t anywhere near the lake shore, you can still channel that beachside feel with your interior decor. There’s something about the lakehouse style that’s so relaxing and peaceful, and makes people want to drink margaritas.

Complete your living room with this Ikea hack that’ll earn you a gorgeous, simple beachside coffee table. It’s a major improvement on the as-is Ikea Hemnes coffee table.

  1. The parts. You’ll need:

  • Hemnes coffee table, white – $149.00
  • tongue-and-groove wood planks, cut to 36” in length, try Home Depot
  • mitred 1×2 trim
  • whitewash paint, can be achieved by mixing white paint with water
  • lacquer or furniture wax
  • paint brush
  • screws
  • finishing nails
  1. Do it.

    Remove the table top from the Hemnes table. With the wood planks cut to size, line them up along the top of the coffee table and secure them in place with screws. Use the mitred trim around the edge of the table top (measure the dimensions you’ll need based on the size of your planks) and secure it with the finishing screws.

    Mix your whitewash and paint the entire tabletop and trim. You might need two coats to get the right finish. Complete your coffee table with a layer or two of the lacquer or furniture wax. Let dry and enjoy!


Source: Golden Boys and Me

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