Awesome Ikea Hack of the Week: A functional rustic bar cart

Having a bar cart in your apartment automatically gives your space some serious cred, and make you the enviable party maven of your crew. Today’s Ikea Hack helps you outfit your Toronto pad with a bar cart that’s got tons of storage, is rustically masculine and looks great in any space.

  1. The parts. You’ll need
  • Forhoja kitchen cart – $129.00
  • A few wine glass racks, like this one – $20 each
  • Sandpaper
  • Dark-ish wood stain
  • Clear varnish
  • Paint brushes
  1. Do it.
    Disassemble the kitchen cart and give the whole thing a good sanding. Then give it a once-over with the wood stain. Once dry, give the cart a bit of a rustic, beat up feel by sanding a few patches and beating it up a bit with a hammer, screwdriver and blowtorch – not that you’d have a blowtorch hanging around, so a lighter would do the trick too. Just don’t burn yourself.

When that’s all good to go, coat the pieces in the clear varnish and let dry again. When it’s totally dry, attach the wine glass racks UNDERNEATH the top section of the cart, beneath where the drawers go in. Assemble the rest of the cart.

Finish it off by stocking the shelves with your favourite selection of booze, and hang wine glasses upside down from the wine rack.

Source: Rain er Shine

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