Awesome Ikea Hack of the Week: A wooden headboard that doesn’t require a drill

A bed without a headboard is like a man without facial hair – it’ll do, but it’s not all that impressive. Luckily, by using palletboard or virtually any kind of wooden strips, it’s easy to create a stylish wooden headboard to make your bedroom cozy, chic and inviting.

Today’s Ikea Hack doesn’t require a drill (woohoo!) but it does require a saw of some sort to cut the wood into proper sizes. The finished product is so attractive and can be dressed up to be feminine, or dressed down to be more masculine.

  1. The parts. You’ll need

Malm bed frame – $319.00 or just use your current bed and (using a drill) attach two Linnmon table tops standing lengthwise to your bed frame – $23.99 each

About 10 sq. ft. of reclaimed wood, or Stikwood – $10-$14/sq. ft.


Laquer or polyurethane

Nails and a hammer if you’re using reclaimed wood

  1. Do it. Measure and cut the wood to size, to fit lengthwise across the headboard. Be sure to mix up where the seams will be so it looks more authentic. For reclaimed wood, use the nails to attach the boards to the headboard or table tops; for the Stikwood, just peel the backing off and stick the boards on. To make the headboard have more texture, leave a bit of space between each row and use a sharpie to colour in the space behind.

Finish the project by applying the laquer or polyurethane, which will protect your pillows and bedding from stains and splinters!

Source: Sugar and Cloth

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