What to expect from TIFF 2015

One of the city’s favourite events is just around the corner. Here’s what to expect from the Toronto International Film Festival this year.

Dates:  Sept. 10-20, 2015

Locations: Various

Prices: For adults, $24-$46

Contact: 416-599-TIFF / tiff.net

Natalie Portman: The TIFF Soiree kickoff party will feature a sit-down chit-chat with Natalie Portman. More info here http://tiff.net/soiree2015

New This Year: Platform is a new feature at TIFF 2015. Essentially, it’s 12 films that harken back to TIFF’s roots in international film, and the 12 will be juried by a cast of 3 well-respected filmmakers (Claire Denis, Agnieszka Holland and Jia Zhang-ke). After each screening, there will be a sit-down Q&A session led by a filmmaker. These 12 films are pegged as bold, distinctive and original. More info at http://tiff.net/whats-on/news-events/what-is-platform

Free stuff: Throughout the summer, TIFF put on TIFF in the Park – free pop-up film screenings at parks around the city. Then, starting in October, TIFF puts on TIFF 40: Your Favourites, which are free screenings of crowd-sourced films at the Lightbox. More info at http://tiff.net/yourfavourites.

And finally, on September 20, there’s a free screening of Vertigo by Hitchcock, complemented by a live performance of the film score by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, playing at Roy Thomsen Hall. Read more at http://tiff.net/whats-on/news-events/40th-anniversary-free-programming

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