Coolest parks along Toronto’s Waterfront

The waterfront is super beautiful, especially when it’s crisp and chill out like is now, with few people around to enjoy the scenery. Not only that though, the waterfront is also home to some of the most impressive parks in town! All of these parks command a brilliant view of the water and are all a complete delight to walk around in, so you’re doing yourself a huge favour to come to them. If you’re ever looking for that perfect spot to go and relax at whenever you need that moment to yourself, check out these great locations!

Scarborough Bluffs

This great expanse of 15 km, stretching along the shore of Lake Ontario is one of the best places to go if you want to see a really great, unique landscape that was built up over millennia! The views around here are absolutely breathtaking; from the amazing bluff itself to the stunning glimpse of Lake Ontario, you’ll never be upset that you came to visit this wonderful location. Littered with fantastic walking paths and fun people from all over, this is a really great place to go and see some fantastic sights.


Ashbridges Bay Park

Located on the fantastic east end waterfront, this park is littered with beaches, walking trails, great swim spots and more. If you’re looking for a place to go for a jog, or maybe a hike, to burn off some energy and get a bit of exercise in while taking in some beautiful scenery, the Ashbridges Bay Park is a perfect location to do so. The beach is also a fantastic spot to go if you just want to relax – this park truly has something for everyone; even a skateboard park if you’re feeling adventurous!

The Sunnyside Bike Park

While not a park like you’d think about when you think about parks, this playground for tricks and stunts is a great place for free entertainment, and for meeting really interesting new people. If nothing else, taking some time out of your day to sit in the sun and watch people pull awesome moves on their bikes is a unique and interesting way to kill some time! The great thing about these parks is the camaraderie – you’ll see all kinds of spills and wipeouts and great moves performed flawlessly, all to the cheers and jeers of the audience. Give it a try sometime and you may be surprised!

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