Flavours of Toronto: Tapas and wine are at their finest at these Toronto Spanish restaurants

Whether the pintxos (pinchos) of the north, Madrid’s addictive tapas with wine or seafood paella from the coastline are what make you crave Spanish food, Toronto has some amazing spots. Whether paired with rich wines or eaten on the cheap, the variety in Spanish foods means there’s something to please almost anyone.

These are 6 of the best Spanish restaurants in Toronto.

Bar Isabel

Bar Isabel in Little Italy is usually cited as having the best tapas in Toronto. Tender shellfish and perfectly sliced Iberico, croquetas that melt in your mouth and foie gras are some of their best tapas. The prices are steep, but most people don’t mind.


Family-run LaVinia in Etobicoke has service and impeccable food down to a science. When you dine here, don’t be surprised if chef Fernando comes out to greet you and ask about your meal. Even their house wine is imported from Spain. They do paellas and meat and seafood dishes, but the tapas are their best offering.


Situated in Deer Park, Cava is a tapas restaurant that mixes up the menu from time to time to keep things fresh. The wine list is massive (ask for recommendations), and as for food, the menu is quite tiny, but tasty. Best bets are the chicken liver and foie gras mousse, smoked scallops, the croquetas and any of the pinchos.


Tapas are the specialty at Carmen, in West Queen West, although they’re better known for their paellas. To those who dine here, it’s clear that an intrinsic respect for great food and excellent company are taken to heart.


At once cozy and stylish, Patria does Spanish food in the traditional style, but with a North American twist – whereas in Spain the tapas plates are generous, Patria is pricey for the small portions. But the atmosphere and the flavours in this Fashion District restaurant make up for it. The paellas are a favourite and the wine list is impressive.

Torito Tapas Bar

Traditional tapas are the main event at Torito, located in Kensington Market, but the sangria is a big star. The atmosphere is casual, which is ideal for sharing food with friends.

Bar Raval

Unlike the hit-or-miss food of Barcelona, Bar Raval’s food is great, though the service is what’s sometimes a miss. Nonetheless, their tapas and pinchos are very tasty, and the sweets are fantastic. Prices, though, are some of the highest of the spots on this list. The amazing, Gaudi-esque wood on the inside of this Little Italy restaurant if worth a look.

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