Flavours of Toronto: Haul out the lederhosen for these 5 German restaurants

Anywhere but in Germany, German food isn’t especially refined, nor is it on everyone’s top 10 lists of the best types of cuisine among Torontonians. But everyone knows – and loves – schnitzel and beer. So pull up those lederhosen, grab das boot, and waltz (or Schuhplattler) over to these five Toronto German restaurants:


Located in the Entertainment District and relatively new on the scene, Wvrst is a bier-hall style eatery and bar with communal-style picnic table seating and more than 600 beers and ciders on hand. The schnitzel is good, but try the wurst (sausages) and duck fat fries. You’ll be thankful and sorry that you did at the same time.

Schnitzel Queen

Their wacky website proclaims that schnitzel in the winter is like ice cream in the summer – and it may very well be true. Widely regarded as the best spot for schnitzel in Toronto, people once cued up out the door of the Schnitzel Queen’s tiny storefront when it was on Queen Street E, but now that they’ve posted up in Corktown, even more Torontonians can fit inside for the obligatory food coma. Opt for the schnitzel queen sandwich, topped with sauerkraut and caramelized onions.

Gourmet Schnitzel House

With seven types of schnitzel on the menu, this Scarborough restaurant stays pretty authentic with its German and Eastern European fare. That said, it’s a tiny menu that ventures into the Hungarian style as well with the stuffed paprika peppers. But seriously, just go for the schnitzel.

Little Bavaria Restaurant

Say “ja” to German beer and Bavarian-style food including wurst, schniztel, rouladen and strudel. This wildly-decorated restaurant in Scarborough definitely has that authentic German feel, plus having been around since ’65, the folks here truly know what they’re doing.

Das Gasthaus

Das Gasthaus on the Danforth does things differently from the more traditional German restaurants, like Little Bavaria. Instead, they do contemporary German, but with old-style food, like the cheese fondue Sundays, plus all you can eat schnitzel on Wednesdays. It sounds like a good idea, but schnitzel has a certain way of coating the stomach. Oh, Tuesdays are all you can eat sausage fests, which conjure up problems of their own. Delicious problems.

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