Hey, Check This Out: Toronto Light Festival

I have said before that I am strongly anti-winter. There is nothing I love to do in these horrible months than stay indoors and wait for it to be over. I blame it on having grown up in the Prairies, but that is my stance on the season we are currently in. I am filled with negativity until around May, usually.

Thankfully, there are people out there who understand my pain, but are willing to try and make it better. The Toronto Light Festival aims to “lift the collective spirit of the City” this winter with beautiful light installations. Until March 21, the Distillery District will host unique pieces of light art that will hopefully make the latter part of the season a little more cheerful. There’s nothing like a good light display to offset the winter doldrums.

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Chilly weather or not, there’s some really fascinating pieces to check out. So by all means, defy the instinct to curl up into a ball until the sun comes out. We’ve got plenty of light to enjoy until then.

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