Ikea Hack of the Week: A kitchen island-rolling cart-eating bar hybrid

Unless you’re stacked with cash (and if you are, call me 😉 ) you probably live in a pretty small apartment in TO. Finding enough space for everything you need/want is a particular challenge we renters face, especially in the kitchen. There just isn’t enough storage room, and many of us are stuck eating dinner on the couch like frat boys.

Enter today’s Ikea hack, which is a pretty ingenious solution to your space problem, as it combines a rolling cart, an eating bar and a kitchen island all into one.


1. The parts. You’ll need


2. Do it

Step one is to decide what colour to paint this contraption. Since the colour of the shelf likely won’t match the finish of the kitchen cart, opt for a paint for both. Before painting, measure out the lack shelf so it aligns with the long edge of the kitchen cart top and have it cut to size. Then paint.

When the paint is dry, line up the hinges and mark out where you’ll attach them to the kitchen cart and the shelf. Use scrap wood to even out the underside of the shelf if it’s a different thickness than the top of the kitchen cart. Screw everything into place.

When you’re done, you’ll have a kitchen cart that rolls, with a collapsible extension that’s perfect for putting stools underneath, where you can eat breakfast/lunch/dinner. The shelves on the cart are perfect for storing a few extra kitchen items, and with the extension folding down, the contraption gives you a fair bit of extra countertop space for cooking.


Source: Ikea Hackers

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