The 7 trendiest Toronto neighbourhoods of 2015

It’s been a good year in Toronto… well, the weather’s been just OK, transit hasn’t gotten its act together yet and it’s still a ridiculously expensive place to live, but hey, it’s Toronto and we love it here.

So today, we’re showing some love for the trendiest neighbourhoods in Toronto for 2015. Basically, this badass list is based partly on actual growth, partly on what’s improved in the ‘hood, and partly on baseless whims and opinions. But that’s why you’re here, right? Off we go.

Little India

The neighbourhood was pretty run down there for a while, but things are looking up for Little India – so much so that the New York Times wrote about it. Crazy, huh? The rents are still cheap, so young entrepreneurs are taking over the tired old storefronts and plugging them full of cafes and art shops. And the bright colours of yesteryear have remained, stamping Gerrard with some reminiscence of the energy of India.

Canary District

This one’s debatable on a few fronts, since the Canary District is a name given to a project by real estate developer Dream Unlimited Corp. It’ll house the athletes from the Pan Am Games, then become living space for Torontonians. Why is it cool? Well, many will say it isn’t, but it definitely gets a ton of attention, and you’ve got to admit the location’s pretty peachy, so that’s something.


For a good decade or so, Corktown’s been one of those up-and-coming neighbourhoods, but still hasn’t reached any modicum of revitalization/gentrification. But what is happening, is the cute rowhomes, affordable(ish) rents and great amenities like parks and shops nearby are drawing in a young, trendy crowd.

The Distillery District

Anyone who argues the Distillery District isn’t trendy, isn’t a friend of mine. Laden with unreal brick facades, iron accents and wide, pedestrian-only walkways, lined with raucus drinking holes, awesome art galleries, independent shops, artisans and coffee roasters, the Distillery District is the pinnacle of trendiness. Plus, the people who live there are some of the city’s style-setters, so there’s that, too.


It’s undeniable that being hipster is pretty trendy right now. Leslieville, aka Hipsterville, is the home of hipsters in Toronto. They may not want to admit it, but the counter-mainstream movement became mainstream, and its epicentre is Leslieville. Here, you’ll find some of the city’s better brunch spots, great murals, indie shops and lots of tight-jeaned men around.


Super cool shops, a pretty mixed population of young professionals, families and older couples, and sprawling parks combine to make Riverdale one of the trendiest neighbourhoods in Toronto in 2015 – still. The neighbourhood’s held the honour for ages now, but its desirability hasn’t waned.

The Junction

Home decor shops and art supply stores below and studio spaces above, the Junction might just be THE trendiest neighbourhood in Toronto for 2015, and we can expect to see its awesomeness continue into next year. Residents of the Junction are educated, stylish, entrepreneurial types with a bit of money and, generally, a ton of ambition. Plus, they’re served by great bars, killer restaurants and rents that haven’t caught up with the Junction’s coolness yet.

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