Life hacks that will save your hands from pain

There are a few things in life that really truly suck, and one of those things is having cuts on your hands. The soap stings when you wash them, they take forever to heal, and they’re super easy to get infected from constantly touching grubby things. Then there are the busted-up fingernails, the bruises and general beatings we put our hands through.

So, fine people of Toronto, today we bring you life hacks that save your hands from a world of pain and tiny, but miserable, cuts.

  1. Open that rigid plastic packaging with a can opener.
    Using scissors is just asking for trouble: The sharp edges and corners are malicious. Use a can opener to cut along the side, which keeps your hand out of the line of fire.
  2. Add keys to key rings with a staple remover.
    Use the staple remover to separate out the coils of the key ring. It’ll save your fingernails from devastation on especially tight key rings.
  3. Avoid burns from short matches. Use spaghetti.
    It’s long and works just like a match. Great for getting deep into candle holders without burning your fingertips or fingernails.
  4. Don’t bash your fingertips while hammering. Use a clothespin or a comb.
    Minimize the risk, friends.
  5. Carry heavy plastic grocery bags with a carabiner.
    After a kilometre or so, heavy grocery bags manage to transform into razors that make hands super sore. Bring a carabiner as a handle and wrap it in soft fabric so you’re not in pain by the time you get home.

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