Renting and can’t have your own pet at home? Check out these cat cafes in Toronto

If you’re renting in Toronto, chances are having a pet just isn’t realistic for you. Maybe, like the rest of us, you work long hours and party for the remainder of them. Maybe your building or your landlord doesn’t allow pets. Maybe your fear of commitment extends beyond finding romance and you’re in the market for more of a casual relationship with a non-human companion than anything too serious.

Either way, some genius several years ago came up with the answer to all your pet woes: The cat cafe. It’s a weird concept, but it works. Kind of like that really irritating song says, it’s big in Japan.

If you’re a cat lover and can’t have one of your own living with you in your Toronto apartment, or if you just can’t get enough of all things cat, cat cafes are the remedy. Problem is, they’re having a bit of a tough time getting settled in Toronto.

(Personally, I’m waiting for puppy cafes to get big. Who’s with me?)

How’s it all work? It’s basically a regular cafe (coffee, tables, Wifi) but with, obviously, cats. And lots of them. Often, the cats reside on site and are all adoptable. So if you meet a special furry someone at a cat cafe, ask the staff and she/he might be yours to bring home – not just for the night. At the cafe, the kitties will hang out, come over for cuddles, strut about and generally, act like cats.

Anyway, here are some proposed cat cafes in Toronto where you can (hopefully. sometime in the near future) get your feline fix.

TOT the Cat Cafe

Apparently opening this month at College and Spadina, there’s still no particular date set for the opening of TOT the Cat Cafe. At last check-in, the people behind TOT were hiring cafe staff, but there weren’t any really reassuring updates as of the date this article was posted. The exact address is TBA as well.

Kitty Cat Cafe

Finding digs that are cool with being the home of a ton of cats is holding up the opening date for the Kitty Cat Cafe, but the owner says she’s otherwise ready to go. In the meantime, we’ll all curl up for a long nap while we wait…

Pet Me Meow

The two cat-lovin’ guys who are behind Pet Me Meow first considered opening up a permanent cat cafe, then did a pop-up cat cafe in June of 2015. Basically, they’re trying to raise money via Indiegogo in order to open up a permanent location. As of yet, there’s no concrete date set.

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