The 8 best rental decor tips you’ll ever get

Moving into a new Toronto rental apartment is always exciting! But when the new-ness wears off, it’s time to get down to business and start making your apartment feel like home.

With rentals, decorating can seem tough because of the rules implied by the landlord or property manager that keep you from painting, installing wall-mounted furniture and pulling out the flooring.

But you can make your Toronto apartment feel like home with these 8 best rental decor tips you’ll ever get.

  1. Change the hardware.
    This includes your kitchen cupboard pulls, interior door knobs and bathroom hardware. It’ll take your apartment from looking like a terribly average space to one that’s very you.
  2. Accessorize!
    This is the ultimate way to add your own personal touch. From trinkets, to coffee table books, to blankets and throw pillows, accessories make or break a space. They’ll make your little apartment feel comfy and stylish.
  3. Line the drawers and cabinets.
    Not only will this save you from putting your dishes and cookware onto crummy, worn-down surfaces that look bad, it’ll also prevent any future damage to your rental. Opt for cute liners!
  4. Swap out the vertical blinds.
    Who ever invented that crap anyway? Take down any hospital-inspired blinds and replace them with curtains or rolling blinds. Much better.
  5. Replace the lighting.
    Unmount any chandeliers or other light fixtures that just don’t jibe with your style and store them safely where they won’t get broken or damaged. Invest in your own statement light fixtures.
  6. Get rugs.
    Rugs are amazing for a ton of reasons. They cover up ugly, worn-out carpet, add a cozy feel to your living room or bedroom, they help sound-proof your apartment and they add a touch of your own style to your space. Plus they’re easy to move to your next apartment when it’s time to go.
  7. Consider updating the bathroom fixtures.
    Faucets and bath/shower fixtures are relatively easy to install and reinstall. Invest in your own to install now, then take them with you when you move on.
  8. Whatever you do, add storage.
    We, the renters of Toronto, live in small spaces. Maximize your apartment’s potential by adding storage, whether that means installing drawers under your bed or adding furniture with shelves, you’ll be glad you did.
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