Top 10 Up and Coming Neighbourhoods in Toronto 2019

The amount of development and growth that Toronto has undergone in the last two decades has been exponential. Since 1990, Toronto’s population has grown from over 2 million people to 6 and a half million as of 2016. That’s a lot of people looking for homes and the market has certainly only been growing. The amount of gentrification that Toronto has undergone in a lot of its neighbourhoods has done a lot to benefit the residents but also driven up prices. The great thing about finding an up and coming neighbourhood in Toronto you might score a deal in one of these transforming areas because it is in its growing phase. If you buy real estate there you are likely putting yourself in good place to have a nice return on your investment or enjoy the area for years to come. There are always growing pains to work out and the unfamiliarity with these neighbourhoods may scare you off but in reality these ten up and coming neighbourhoods are diamonds in the rusty landscape of Toronto real estate. Here is our top 10 list of the hottest up-and-coming Toronto neighbourhoods:

  1. Yonge and Sheppard is located right at Sheppard station. Don’t be fooled by the notion that it’s suburbia though. This is one of the hot spots for Toronto condo development in recent years and shows no signs of stopping. The prices are still competitive though because people feel like its too far north. It’s their loss! There is a great night life with a lots to do around. It is very TTC accessible with the Sheppard subway right there and it’s only about a 25 minute ride down to Dundas station the heart of downtown.
Birdseye view of yonge and sheppard in toronto

A beautiful view, indeed.

  1. Leslieville East is not to be confused with Leslieville. Leslieville itself has undergone a lot of revitalization and gentrification and now its spreading further east. Leslieville East is right between Leslieville and The Beaches. Downtown Toronto is only about a twenty-minute streetcar ride away. Leslieville East still needs more love as it is still a bit rough around the edges, but it is prime real estate for people who don’t mind putting up with the growing pains of an up and coming neighbourhood. The prices are really low for Toronto homebuyers and will only be going up!
building in construction at leslieville east, toronto

A little rough around the edges, but not for long.

  1. Danforth Village is off the main subway line, but still very TTC accessible thanks to streetcars. It is close to both midtown and downtown Toronto. This neighbourhood is more for people looking to buy homes in Toronto without paying with their heart and souls. A lot of the homes have been renovated and are still being sold at a great price! It doesn’t hurt that Greek Town is right there with all it’s amazing food.
danforth village fruit market, toronto

Local, fresh fruit and veg at your disposal too!

  1. Downsview still has a couple of years until it reaches it’s peak, but that’s why if you can deal with living up there you will get an amazing price for a nice condo. The recent condo development up there has brought in the shops and restaurants and that will only continue to grow. Downsview station is right there so you will have an accessible lifeline to the rest of Toronto. With the Eglinton Crosstown express on it’s way, this will make it even more TTC accessible in the future.
de boers condo in downsview, toronto

Quality condos for less.

  1. Regent Park is still a low-income neighbourhood but the city has decided to invest in it and since then the plans for it have just kept growing. Even though Regent Park’s revitalization in the past couple of years has been a source of controversy in Toronto there has been an undeniable positive impact for the current residents and ones looking to buy in Toronto. Low-income housing has been improved, there are better community services, and condos have moved in and more are on the way. The improvements to this up and coming neighbourhood have caused Toronto real estate agents to say that Regent Park has some of the fastest rising value in the city and it’s location has always been pretty great, now its just more of an appealing place to live as well.
The intersection of Parliament St and Dundas St in 2010. The Regent Park neighbourhood is being revitalized with a mixture of condominiums, market-rate rental apartments and public housing.

Looking fresh.

  1. Birch Cliff is perfect for families. Located along Lake Ontario on top of the western part of the Scarborough Bluffs this picturesque neighbourhood has been the site of quite the condo boom along it’s mainstreet. The homes there tend to be big and expensive, but the condos have more competitive offers especially for Toronto prices. Already a famous spot for Torontonians to go and explore the Scarborough Bluffs, this quiet neck of the woods won’t be staying long. Businesses will follow condos and Birch Cliff is no exception having already quite a few new number of cool coffee shops and restaurants.
parkette in birch cliff, toronto

You should not only eat your greens, but live amongst them.

  1. Gerrard East is east of Riverdale. Riverdale has undergone massive changes and now that is finally slowly spreading east, much like Leslieville’s development is now spreading to Leslieville East. There are a couple of great cafes and restaurants already but still lots of real estate left to be snatched up. The prices right now are low but they wont be for long.
little india in gerrard east, toronto

Also home to Little India!

  1. Rockcliffe-Smythe has gotten attention from Airbnb, BlogTO, and Toronto Life for its growth. Back in 2015 Toronto Life said that Rockcliffe-Smythe was one of the top 3 neighbourhoods in Toronto for first time homebuyers. There are a lot of schools for families with kids and green space. The development the neighbourhood has undergone includes the Stockyards Open Mall and the York Community Centre which opened up April 2017. When the Eglinton Crosstown is finally up and running the Mount Dennis stop will make the neighbourhood even more TTC accessible.
house in rockliffe-smythe, toronto

The Canadian dream.

  1. The West Don Lands are still under construction but have for the most part been transformed from a purely industrial area into a neighbourhood. It’s great location near the water, the Distillery District, and downtown have created a lot of demand. This area was transformed from one of Toronto’s barren eyesores to a community that boasts new high rises, an 18 acre park, student housing, and low income housing.
construction in west donlands, toronto

Rome wasn’t built in a day.

  1. Yonge and Finch, ah the last stop on that beautiful main yellow subway line. This neighbourhood has been a hot spot for condo development for years now and its location allows the prices to more competitive then elsewhere in Toronto. If you love Korean and Persian food, you will love it here. There are bars and restaurants so you don’t have to worry about having fun up there. The high number of condos and cheap rent has more and more businesses moving up there. A great spot for someone who is willing to be a bit further out for cheaper rent.
streetview of yonge and finch, toronto

Condos, food… tons to choose from.

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