The best places to buy the perfect Halloween costume in Toronto

The best places to buy the perfect Halloween costume in Toronto

Halloween is rushing towards us at an almost breakneck speed and we all need to get ready for it! While there are tons of options and great places to go to that you may already know yourself to get the perfect Naughty Nurse costume, you might want to try out these spots! These stores cater to all styles of costume and will have everything you need to make the perfect getup this year. Not only that, but this list also perfectly fits into any budget!

Value Village

The most economical and varied store in the list, the Value Village at 924 Queen E always has a fantastic selection of vintage clothing and costume supplies for a great price. Even though their selection of Halloween-specific apparel and costumes is somewhat limited for adults, the supplies and clothing items they have in general will still enable you to make great outfits for a perfect night out. Just because it’s second-hand doesn’t mean it isn’t a great resource to use for the best idea you have!

Amazing Party Store

The Amazing Party Store on 923 Oxford is our midrange option – a great store in Etobicoke with thousands of different costumes for sale, all ranging from $30-$120. The biggest selling point for this wonderful Halloween mecca is the options – having thousands of costumes to choose from is a huge, huge deal! You and your friends can even make a day of it and help each other find the perfect costume for the perfect night. Have a plan before you come here, because you’re going to get lost for a while!

Hollywood Costumes

For those with a more discerning taste and an eye for top-quality items, Hollywood Costumes on 7718 Yonge is the match for you! Having a large selection of buyable – and rentable! – costumes, this store can cater to any specific character you’d like, and even provide a wide selection for going for something eclectic like a period costume. Their prices range dramatically and their selection is fantastic, so this is a great place to give a try!


Toronto has fantastic options for getting ready for Halloween and these are some of the top options for any discerning buyer. For one of the most fun holidays of the year, it’s time to get out there and have fun!

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