Which Toronto grocery stores sell beer?

For years, Europeans have had the luxury and convenience of picking up a bottle of wine or a six-pack of beers alongside the cheese and lettuce and eggs for tomorrow’s breakfast. Finally, Torontonians can grab beers at a few of the city’s grocery stores.

On Tuesday, 58 grocery stores and markets across the GTA were selling beer. Gone are the days of having to find a beer store to stock up on suds for watching the game on Sunday and for those Friday night pre-drinking get togethers with the guys.

Alas, none are downtown – yet. But that’s set to change with more than 450 grocery stores planning to sell beer in the near future.

Here’s where you can grab beer at Toronto grocery stores:


  • 17 Leslie St.
  • 50 Musgrave St.

Real Canadian Superstore

  • 2549 Weston Rd.
  • 51 Gerry Fitzgerald Dr.

Coppa’s Fresh Market

  • 4750 Dufferin St.

Galleria Supermarket

  • 856 York‎ Mills Rd.

The Toronto Star gives itself a fair bit of credit for getting beer into Toronto grocery stores. They published this piece slamming the Beer Store’s almost-monopoly on Ontario beer sales, and calling out the politicians who let the monopolization happen.

Awesome fact: Loblaws is dedicating 50% of its shelf space for beer to local craft breweries, and the mandated amount for all grocers selling beer is at least 20%.

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