Awesome Ikea Hack of the Week: Skip the patio table, make a balcony bar

There are a few problems with patio tables for your balcony that most don’t consider (if you don’t have a retnal with a balcony, it might be time to look for one):

  1. They only seat two people, generally, and
  2. They usually get plunked in a corner of the balcony, causing your railing to eliminate your views.

Enter the balcony bar!

This Ikea hack lets you seat more people on your balcony, and you’re sitting high enough that your views aren’t obstructed by the railing!

It’s also a great way to add seating while saving space if your apartment balcony is tiny.

view of opposite apartment through window with green plants on bottom and sides

The view could be better… with a balcony.

The parts. You’ll need

Do it.

Mark out where the Gerton legs should be attached to the countertop and screw them in using the drill. The legs should sit toward the front of the countertop, with the back of it resting on the top of your balcony railing.

Attach the bracket to the bottom of the countertop so it will act as a stop to keep the bar from sliding out along the railing. Further secure the countertop to your railing using the steel strapping, attached underneath the countertop.

Finally, add some stools that fit underneath, and voila!

man making coffee drink at bar

This could be you.

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Source: Ikea Hackers

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