These 4 Apps Will Save Your Move

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The process of moving to a new place requires carefully planning, organizing and packing. Regardless of how crucial and unavoidable these parts are on the Moving Day, we tend to procrastinate until the very last minute. But, no need to worry. It happens to the best of us. Fortunately, we live in advanced world where we can count on our smartphones to make our lives easier.

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Check out this list below to see four moving apps that will make you stay on top of things:


There is always a dilemma when it comes to renting a moving truck. You want to make sure you got the right size, nearby pickup location and of course, the best deal. That’s when Zootly comes in handy. Zootly is known to be the Uber for movers. You can order the truck to pick you and your stuff whenever you’re ready. You can also pick the truck size and pay through the app. It’s very user friendly. Plus, it will give you the estimated time of move, which means if you want to make plans after moving your stuff to the new place, you definitely can!

Display of Zootly


Choosing the right sofa, coffee table and storage basket can be as exciting as it is overwhelming. But you can now upload a photo of your new home and a decorating app MagicPlan will create floor plans for you. You can then use the floor plans to décor and plan a furniture shopping for your new home. Sometimes when looking at an empty space, it seems to be bigger than it actually is. This app will help you to accurately measure your room and the furniture you plan to bring in. This way, you can estimate which furniture you can sell and/or purchase.

Floorplans viewed in MagicPlan


Whether you’re detail-oriented or last-minute person, the list of all things you need to take care of prior to Moving Day is inevitably long. Sortly can help you to stay organize. Before you begin packing, Sortly can give you a week-by-week checklist where you can divide your packing task to help you get the stress-free packing experience. It can also help you keep track of your stuff using photos and QR labels so when you arrive, you can find the stuff you need right away without opening a lot of boxes. You won’t have to worry about misplacing anything anymore.

Interface of app Sortly


Moving is a great excuse to get rid of the stuff you no longer use. With OfferUp, you can sell them to your neighbor or to anyone nearby. By simply take a photo and upload it onto your profile, people around you can see what you’re selling. You can sell anything from small decorative items to electronics, even vehicles! Interested buyers can chat with you to arrange a meetup for the exchange. Just like Airbnb and Uber, OfferUp users rate each other, so it’s easy to figure out if someone is serious to buy your items.

Display of app OfferUp

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