3 reasons to get into rock climbing in Toronto

Did you know Toronto has some truly world-class rock-climbing facilities? In a world where most people want to improve themselves and work out, rock climbing offers a fun and cheap way to satisfy that urge while also meeting some really cool people. Toronto has a ton of great rock climbing gyms to facilitate this, and any one of them would be fantastic to give a try to. There’s nothing else quite like scaling a wall to improve your confidence and make you feel better.

Here are 3 reasons to try rock climbing in Toronto:


The cheap and easy way to trick yourself into getting a great workout

Most of us dread going to the gym and sitting on a stationary bike for thirty minutes, all while wishing we were doing something that wasn’t quite so boring. With Rock Climbing, not only is every moment a new puzzle (where’s the next grip?!), but it’s also super affordable. Every gym will rent out rock climbing gear for you to use and most memberships are only around the $20 range to get started – plus, you’ll be guaranteed to get the full-body workout of a lifetime! What’s not to love?


It’s a real-world skill that will satisfy your adventurous spirit!

Once you get good enough, it’s only a matter of time before you try bouldering or rock climbing in real life! Even if you don’t decide to, being able to challenge yourself whenever you want inside a climbing gym is still beneficial to your wellbeing. Keep cracking that whip and improving!


Toronto has some great facilities

The Toronto Climbing Academy, for instance, is a time-honoured and tested company that makes teaching newbies and developing skills a breeze. Located at 11 Curity Ave., this company has been around for a while and is dedicated to teaching all kinds of skills and concepts to all kinds of climbers. Their facility is huge and their prices are reasonable!


Boulderz Climbing Centre is another take on the same formula! Located at 1444 Dupont St., this gym boasts some fantastic lessons, beginner training, and kids programs for the times you’re looking for something to do with the little ones! Their staff has tons of experience and are all ready to show you the ropes – literally!


These are just two of the many gyms all around Toronto for you to discover, but they all have something in common – an absolute dedication to the great activity that is rock climbing. Get involved today and have it change your life!

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