6 Reasons why “the six” is actually Baby New York

Toronto is one of the most diverse cities in the world. It is filled with culture, undeniable entertainment value, and endless opportunities (if you know the right people). New York is well, just New York need I say more? It’s “the city”, but Toronto isn’t that far off from the Big Apple. Here are 6 reasons why “the six” is low-key Baby New York, without the astronomical rent prices (although again, we are not far off). In case you’re wondering why Toronto is called “the six” to begin with, we have you covered

1. Divas on Deck, The Yorkville to my Upper East Side.


It would be only fitting to start this list from the top. The creme of the creme of the city. This is for all the Park Avenue Princesses shopping on 5th.  Yorkville may never be 5th Avenue, but Chanel and Prada are located dangerously on the same side of Bloor Street. Both areas are the perfect instagram spot for the ritziest of city-goers. It’s the princess pit spot, the best place to spend an afternoon spare, to prep for your 6-9pm UofT lecture. The street borderline resembles a runway. Everyone is dressed to labels in a tee, this is not a hoodie and uggs friendly zone. Yorkville like the Upper East Side is more than just a “neighbourhood” it’s a statement. Saying you are from “Yorkville or the Upper East Side” basically is entailing you are royalty, and you want them to know it. No one is “low-key” from the Upper East Side or Yorkville it is a label, and they wear it proudly.

2. Can You Say Culture?

girls feeding each other pasta

Girls night out!

Both cities basically have a division of another small country in a few short streets. Both rock a Little Italy with only the finest authentic Italian restaurants. China Towns with knock-offs and amazing late night Chinese food. Although, New York definitely wins the shopping award. We just can not compete with Canal Street. These are one of the few cities in the world, where neighbourhood culture is overflowing. Turning down the street could be like travelling to a different country. There is a strong sense of culture community and simplicity in these neighbourhoods. They make the city a home. It keeps a city full of lights, grounded. It humanizes the city. These bits of culture spread out in our neighbourhoods are truly the heart of the city.

3. Hello Tourists, Dundas Square Meets Time Square.

timelapse of downtown at night

The city that never sleeps. Almost.

Even the names are basically the same, both surround the greatest commercial shopping areas of the city. It also seems to host a daily show of the “unemployed musical theatre”. It is always an adventure walking past the square. It is also the central place, to find anyone not from the city. It is the tourist flocking grounds. There is never nothing going on at the square. It gives the reputation “of the city never sleeps” to good name.

4. SoHo This Is Art Of The Queen West.

queen street west with graffiti "you've changed"

Change is good sometimes.

SoHo and Queen West are the popular locals only artist area. It is the trendy, the young, the hip. It is where chokers got reborn. If the Upper East Side and Yorkville was a label runway, this place is a vintage 90s haven. It is filled with Calvin Klein crop tops, faux fur coats, and boots that are a substitute for pants. It is where you get your trendy instagram photo, behind some graffiti art with a semi-cynical motivational quote like “you’ve changed”. It is home to all the hippest bars, trendy boutiques, and brunch spots.  Fun fact, there is even a bar called “Brooklyn” on Toronto’s Queen West. It is the home of the hipsters. SoHo and Queen West are more urban than concrete jungle. It is the cool city back alley spot, where all the youngins go.

5. Wolf Of Bay Street


Wall Street and Bay Street same story, different city. These are the beautiful concrete jungles of the city. Both streets resident the stereotypical finance man. The all about the numbers man, he goes out for after work drinks in the area straight from his suit at work. He works crazy hours and is always out with “clients” and it is always on his schedule. The popular show “Suits” is even filmed in our own Toronto, Bay Street. While the show is supposed to be taken place in New York. Checkmate, I think my point is proven. Toronto is basically New York. Can’t argue with cold hard evidence, as Harvey Specter would say.



6. Hello, From The Other Side


What really drives these cities together, is the amount of commuters! Whether they are from Brooklyn, Staten Island, Jersey, Queens, Etobicoke, Markham, Mississauga, Brampton, Scarborough, Burlington. They are all one ferry, train, or subway ride away. One hop and bop and they are as good as in the city. It is one of the fewest places in the world that has amazing transit for those on the outskirts of the city.  Due, to the large amount of commuters in the city. Saying you are “from the city” could mean anywhere. That is why we are so heavily defined in our neighbourhood areas. They define who we are in the city. Whether you are the Park Avenue Princess, Queen West Queen, Wall Street Man,  or the Boy from Brooklyn. The city becomes a part of who we are.

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Jennifer Meade, recent University Of Toronto grad, double major in literature and media with a minor in italian culture. City girl born and raised with a real estate license. A model, with a pen. Read my thoughts at http://thoughtcatalog.com/jennifer-meade .

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